About Us

Who we are?

Tygerberg Plumbing was established in march 1998.The company has grown since to three entities from plumbing company to that of property investing as well as property developments.
We spesialise in adding value when renovated properties espesialy bathrooms and kitchens are refurbished by us. 

At Tygerberg Plumbing we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer service to every client. Our client base ranges from the every-day man on the street to large corporate clients around Cape Town. Every job is approached with professionalism and the utmost regard for the client's home, property and time. We understand that Plumbing can at times cause the biggest problems in a home and that is why when a client has an Emergency such as a burst geyser - we not only fix that problem but also all resultant damage!

Our Support Team is made up of registered contractors and fully equiped plumbing teams - not only skilled in the field of plumbing- but also in the field of building - that is why we can offer the most elegant and affordable Bathroom Renovation service in Cape Town! See our bathroom renovation specials page.